Policing Authority of Ireland (Garda Síochána) - Policing Priorities Simulator

Closed 31 May 2021

Opened 4 May 2021


The Policing Authority of Ireland (Garda Síochána) were going through a planning phase in which they needed to set the Garda Síochána policing priorities, and they wanted to know how the community would allocate policing resources, and which services they'd prioritise if they had the chance. 

By listening to the community and allowing them to have a say in local policing the Garda Síochána could be confident that they were focusing time and resources on the areas of policing and services that their community values most. 

Simulator helped to educate participants on the many different areas of policing that require focus and support and provided an opportunity to learn about the many trade-offs and challenges involved when policing across numerous individual regions of the country. 

What happens next

To view the Simulator before it closes please go to - https://policingauthority.prioritysimulator.com/