Scottish Borders Council, UK - Points Simulator (for budget)

Closed 31 Jan 2020

Opened 30 Sep 2019


Scottish Borders Council needed to set the budget for the next 5 years and were faced with needing to make savings of £5 million per year.

Faced with a net £25 million deficit, Scottish Borders wanted to involve their citizens in the challenge, and find out how the public would choose to spend their money if given the option.

The Scottish Borders region is made up of 5 key localities, so they used Simulator to split these localities in to individual groups and ask them the same questions so that they could gain more insight in to the priorities of their citizens from each locality. 

The council decided this time round to use a points Simulator to run their budget consultation as they felt this would be easier to follow and more inclusive for their audience. An interesting and very effective decision...

What Happens Next

You can view the Scottish Borders Councils budget Simulator here -